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Tractor and Combine Lift


The CoachLift® Tractor Lift for Farm Equipment, Construction Equipment, and Heavy Duty Equipment

CoachLift® Person Lifts are available for farming equipment and heavy machinery. Our two most popular lift options are the tractor lift and the combine lift. Users can purchase the tractor or combine lift with a platform (standing) option or with a chair option. We have fitted tractors by John Deere, Case IH, Ford, Mahindra and more with the CoachLift. Customers can also purchase the CoachLift for combines, sprayers, riding mowers and other pieces of heavy machinery.

The CoachLift® Tractor Lift comes in varying lengths, depending on the amount of vertical travel needed. Custom lift tubes are available for large tractors and combines. Your tractor lift can be installed by your local equipment dealer or certified welder.

Many states have government programs that provide funding for items such as the CoachLift tractor lift. Our customers have taken full advantage of these programs, such as AgrAbility, which aim to put disabled farmers back to work. Be sure to check with your state Vocational Rehabilitation office for details.

Call us today to ask about how we can make your tractor more accessible.


  • All weight bearing parts are made of steel and powder coated.
  • Lift tube is aluminum.
  • Chair is aluminum.
  • Motor operates on 12 volt DC power.
  • Two gear speeds are available.
  • Lift uses an Acme thread screw mechanism.

CoachLift Agricultural Lifts

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Phone: 480-648-0545

About Us

CoachLift® has a complete line of mobility lifts that allow a simplified mode of entrance to any vehicle or aircraft. RV Lifts from CoachLift® allow the utmost in mobility and comfort while utilizing a simple swing mechanism for a seamless entrance. The handicapped chair lift rises with the simple push of a button and is controlled by the user. In addition to RV lifts, we also provide disabled stair lifts for the home, heavy duty equipment vehicles, boats, aircraft and more. Each mobility lift can be fully customized to suit individual needs. The CoachLift® is 100% manufactured in the U.S.A.

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