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Portable Lift

The CoachLift® Portable Lift

The portable CoachLift® is ideal for flat, level surfaces. It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. The Portable Lift has been utilized predominantly for access to small aircraft. The Portable Lift uses its own dry cell battery and does not connect to the aircraft power system. The weight of the entire lift is approximately 75 pounds (excluding the battery). The lift tube is mounted on a base that rolls up to the aircraft’s entry door. There are brakes on all four of the wheels for stability. The person needing access to the aircraft sits in the lift chair, pushes a button on the hand control and the chair rises on the lift tube to the height required to enter the aircraft. The swing arm and chair are maneuvered through the door and the person steps off the chair onto the aircraft’s floor. If the person is unable to stand, he or she transfers into the aisle seat. The lift is disassembled and stowed in the baggage compartment for use at the aircraft’s destination.

Your active lifestyle shouldn’t be limited by a personal disability. With the CoachLift® Portable Lift, it doesn’t have to be. 


  • All weight bearing parts are made of steel and powder coated.
  • Lift tube is aluminum.
  • Chair is aluminum.
  • Motor operates on 12 volt DC power.
  • Two gear speeds are available.
  • Lift uses an Acme thread screw mechanism.

Time tested and user approved, the CoachLift has been the industry standard aircraft person lift for executives, including Fortune 500 CEO’s, for well over two decades. Ask us how we can take your flying experience to new heights with the portable CoachLift for aircraft.

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J&D Mobility, LLC 


Phone: 480-648-0545

About Us

CoachLift® has a complete line of mobility lifts that allow a simplified mode of entrance to any vehicle or aircraft. RV Lifts from CoachLift® allow the utmost in mobility and comfort while utilizing a simple swing mechanism for a seamless entrance. The handicapped chair lift rises with the simple push of a button and is controlled by the user. In addition to RV lifts, we also provide disabled stair lifts for the home, heavy duty equipment vehicles, boats, aircraft and more. Each mobility lift can be fully customized to suit individual needs. The CoachLift® is 100% manufactured in the U.S.A.

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