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If you have difficulty stepping up and down, a Coach Lift can change the way you travel and work!


RV Lift

The Coach Lift is the industry standard for RV entry and exit.
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Airplane Lift

A portable lift solution perfect for small aircraft.
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Vehicle Lift

The Coach Lift can be installed on vans, SUV’s and trucks.
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Home Lift

From porches to lofts, the Coach Lift can instantly make your home accessible.
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Farm and Construction Lift

The Coach Lift is the leading manufacturer of lifts for tractors, combines and heavy machinery. Learn more...


Boad/Marine Lift

See how the CoachLift can make your boating experience easy and accessible.
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If you experience difficulty using steps, Coach Lift® makes it possible to have freedom of mobility with the convenience of disabled stair lifts. Mobility lifts allow you to continue enjoying the things you love to do by facilitating ease of travel in any vehicle. S&S Mobility Products, LLC manufactures the Coach Lift®, providing the highest quality of handicap lifts for RVs, trucks, SUVs, vans, airplanes, tractors, combines and more. Each state of the art Coach Lift® person lift offers an alternative to a handicap ramp or a wheelchair lift. The Coach Lift® is constructed using the highest quality materials and is engineered for complete ease of use.

Coach Lift® is designed for simplicity and convenience. We understand the needs of our disabled and mobility limited customers and we aim to facilitate their travel by providing high quality solutions. Coach Lift® is one of the most dependable handicapped chair lift manufacturers producing each mobility lift to provide complete dependability, safety, and comfort. We provide Coach Lift® person lifts throughout the United States as well as internationally to thousands of people in Germany, Japan, England, and Canada. Each Coach Lift® is custom made right here in the U.S.A.

Contact Info

S&S Mobility Products, LLC 
Address: 201 E. Southern Ave,
Suite 103
Tempe, AZ 85282 


Phone: 480-225-5951 

About Us

Coach Lift has a complete line of mobility lifts that allow a simplified mode of entrance to any vehicle or aircraft. RV Lifts from Coach Lift® allow the utmost in mobility and comfort while utilizing a simple swing mechanism for a seamless entrance. The handicapped chair lift rises with the simple push of a button and is controlled by the user. In addition to RV lifts, we also provide disabled stair lifts for the home, heavy duty equipment vehicles, boats, aircraft and more. Each mobility lift can be fully customized to suit individual needs. The Coach Lift® is 100% manufactured in the U.S.A.

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