Vehicle Lift

Coach Lift for vehicles gets you where you need to be!

Vehicle Lift 1

Coach Lift Installed on a Sprinter Van

Your active lifestyle shouldn’t be limited by a personal disability. With the Coach Lift, it doesn’t have to be! The Coach Lift for vehicles is:

  • Strong and dependable
  • Safe and Comfortable

Vehicle Lift 2

Coach Lift installed on a Suburban

The possible uses are limitless. You may need help getting into your van, rv, farm equipment, boat, airplane, or home. We understand that your situation is unique, so please contact us. It’s part of our business to customize the Coach Lift to meet your needs.

Handicap Lift Pick Up Truck

CoachLift installed on F 350 crew cab

Coach Lift installed on a Ford F-350

The CoachLift is extremely versatile. This photo example shows a CoachLift person lift customized with a shortened lift tube to fit in a Ford F-350 Crew Cab Pick Up truck.