• What Is A Handicapped Lift?

    What are Handicapped Lifts from Coach Lift®?

    Lifts from Coach Lift® are chairs that rise on a lift tube, and swing around to the door. The user sits comfortably, pushes the control button, rises slowly, and swivels the chair into the door opening, where he or she can transfer into the vehicle. It’s a simple concept, but one that can change your life. A Handicapped Lift from Coach Lift® is engineered for durability and ease of use. Installation requires a minimum of modification to your vehicle, making it an extremely economical solution.

  • How Does It Work?

    How Does a Coach Lift® Work?

    The Coach Lift® is installed next to the door of your RV or inside the door of your van. Only minor modifications to your vehicle are required in most cases. It is operated by a 12 volt DC motor that is powered by the vehicle’s battery. The chair and swing arm bracket are removed quickly and easily for storage during travel. The double hinged design of the swing arm bracket allows the durable aluminum chair to turn to any angle for easy loading. The lift is operated with a hand held remote cable pendant switch. The chair rises gently to the desired level where it can be swiveled into the door. To exit the vehicle, the rider sits in the chair, the chair is swiveled away from the door, and the control switch is pushed causing the chair to descend.

  • Real Life Examples

    Who Uses Coach Lift®?

    Jean loves the RV lifestyle. She and her husband, Jim, have seen a lot of this beautiful country during the 10 years since his retirement. They have made lasting friendships with many other RV’ers along the way, and have no desire to settle down just yet. But Jean’s arthritis is making it increasingly difficult for her to get into and out of the RV. Robert depends on the income from his job as a long haul trucker. It’s the only life he’s known for the last 22 years. But when a stroke that severely weakened his left side left him unable to climb into the cab of his truck, he thought his days on the road were over. He started planning for a scaled-down future on the income his disability pension would provide. Lifts from Coach Lift® have enabled both Jean and Robert and countless others to keep doing the things they love with dignity. The possible uses are limitless. You may need help getting into your van, farm equipment, boat, airplane, or home. We understand that your situation is unique. Please talk to us… it’s part of our business to customize the Coach Lift® to meet your needs.